Portable Gold Ore Crusher

Portable Gold Ore Crusher


Portable gold ore crusher plant is developed to be used in mineral mining site. With good flexibility, this portable crusher plant has been widely used in Sudan gold ore mining plant to help get high grade and purity gold ore materials with high efficient.

Sudan Mineral Resources:

There are lots of mineral ore resources in Sudan: iron ore, silver, chromium, copper ore, manganese, gold ore, aluminum, lead, uranium, zinc, tungsten, asbestos, gypsum, mica, talc, diamond, oil, natural gas and timber, the main mineral resources reserve includes about 300 million tons iron ore, 9 million copper ore, 700,000 tons chromium and about 9000 tons silver ore and about 500 million oil.

Portable Cone Crusher Plant Used In Sudan Gold Ore Mining Site:

To processing these mineral materials, it will need the mineral crushing machines. Not long ago, there is a client from Sudan who has bought a series of gold ore mining plant to process local gold ore. When the client consult SBM, the experts design the specific production line for Sudan gold ore mining plant depending on local gold ore characteristics.

This portable gold ore crusher plant is the mobile cone crusher plant. Its main working machine is the HPC cone crusher machine. Equipped with the feeder, belt conveyor, this whole portable gold ore crusher plant is easy to transport and can work as a whole saving the operation costs. This Y3S1860HP220 mobile cone crusher plant used in Sudan gold ore mining site can process 4-220mm materials after feeding.

Good Crushing Performance with Portable Cone Crushing Plant:

  1. The portable crusher plant used in Sudan gold ore mining site can be used as the fine crushing machine and can directly produce the medium size end products. It can reduce the gold ore materials transportation costs;
  2. With the static pressure principle and secondary vibration isolation, this portable cone crusher plant has small vibration and it is more conducive to implement the installation;
  3. With high efficient layer crushing method, it has stable working condition and reduces the time;
  4. Flexible configuration, it can be used in single production and it can also form joint operation with coarse crushing machines.

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