Solid Mineral Mining

Solid Mineral Mining


There are lots of useful solid mineral materials and they play great role in industrial sectors. Before they are used, they need to be mined and processed into desired size and remove the dirty materials. It will need crusher and milling machine in the whole production line.

Solid Mineral Mining Application:

In nature, there are countless materials. Solid minerals play great role. The limestone, granite, basalt, gold ore, iron ore and other materials can be processed into smaller particles or smaller size with high content quality used in the further production line. These materials will be used in building construction industry, melting, refractory, and chemical industries etc.

Solid Mineral Mining Crushers:

The solid mineral materials are divided into different levels with different hardness which is depending on the moh hardness. Different hard materials need different crusher machines. SBM has focused on the crusher production for over 20 years. It has produced all kinds of crusher machines to meet different clients’ mining requirements.

The general crusher machine from SBM includes: jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher and the mobile crusher plant machines. Jaw crusher machine is designed and used as the primary crushing machine. Cone crusher and impact crusher machine are always used as the secondary crushing equipment. You can choose the most suitable one depending on your specific production materials.

Milling Machines Used In Solid Mineral Mining Process:

The milling machines for mineral mining production line include the ball mill, vertical roller mill, rod mill, raw mill and so on. For some relative soft materials, it does not need the crusher machine and the milling machine can satisfy the production requirements, such as talc, coal and so on. These materials will be processed directly with milling machine.

There are some other kinds of solid mineral materials which are very hard. They needs both of the crusher and grinding mill. Through the crusher machine processing line, these materials will be grinded with milling machine to reach fine powder size to meet the next production requirements.

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