Vertical Roller Mill

Vertical Roller Mill


Mineral ore grinding production line is very complicated which includes the crushing, drying, grinding and classification steps. After considering the inconvenience, SBM has produced the LM vertical roller mill for sale independently on years’ production experience. This machine sets crushing, drying, grinding and classification into one unit and it is the ideal machine for mining industry.

Vertical Roller Mill Grinding Ranges:

According to the different materials, SBM has designed the different models of vertical roller mill for different applications. The LM vertical roller mill can grind the cement materials, metal ore, and non-metal ore and sinter brittle materials. The coal grinding mill of vertical roller mill can be used for coal grinding in thermal power, steel and coal injection boiler. It also can be used to grind fly ash, slag, silicon carbide, bauxite and so on. It can meet the grinding requirements of fineness more than 325mesh.

  1. Feeding size: 38-55mm
  2. Grinding capacity: 10-50tph
  3. Application: metallurgy, chemical industry, water and electricity, cement, mineral
  4. Application materials: talc, feldspar, calcite, fluorite, phosphate rock, quartz, graphite, cement, coal, iron ore, copper ore, slag, etc.

Vertical Roller Mill Advantages:

  1. LM vertical roller mill machine is the only milling machine with hot blast stove mill. It has strong drying function and it can solve the problem of large material moisture and save energy;
  2. By adjusting the air temperature can satisfy the demands of different humidity material grinding;
  3. Automatic control system can realize the remote control, simple operation, reliable operation;
  4. The seal negative pressure system can guarantee there is no dust spillover and it is very environment;
  5. Little vibrating, low noise;
  6. This vertical roller mill can be installed in the outdoor and can save the investment;
  7. It covers half areas of ball mill machine;
  8. The roller and plate is made of high quality materials and it will prolong the service life.

Real Case with SBM Vertical Roller Mill:

In 2013, an Indian client bought SBM vertical roller mill for local coal mining site. This client was the first time to mining coal, as a professional supplier, SBM suggested the LM190m vertical roller milling machine:

  1. Raw material: coal
  2. Discharging size: 200mm
  3. Capacity: 30tph.

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