Used Cement Ball Mill

Used Cement Ball Mills


Cement ball mill is the common used milling machine for the concrete production line. SBM is a professional mill machine manufacturer and it can provide various models ball mill for sale. Among them, the 4-10tph ball mill is most widely used in the actual production line.

4-10tph Cement Ball Mill Main Structure:

The 4-10tph cement ball mill machine is the traditional milling equipment from SBM. It is composed with cylindrical shell, end cover, bearing and driving big ring gear and other parts:

Shell is loaded with 25-150mm diameter steel or steel rods, which is called as grinding medium. The charge weight is for the whole barrel of 25-50% of the effective volume.

End cover is on the both ends of the cylinder and it is connected with the bottom through screw and barrel. There is a hole in the middle of end cover.

Bearing support the hollow trunnion bearing and the cylinder can turn.

The big gear ring is fixed on the cylinder.

Cement Ball Mill Working Features:

The cement ball mill can be divided into ordinary ball mill and the fineness cement ball mill machine. These two kinds of cement ball mill have different working features and here will help you to get a good understanding of the cement ball mill machines.

The common cement ball mill has high grinding efficiency and high output. It will save the electric power. In the production of grinding cement, its performance is more prominent. The general ball mill capacity can be improved with 15-20% and the power consumption will decrease by 10%. The fineness cement ball mill has simple working process and less operation costs. It will take less working area. Its grinding structure will reduce the grinding media size and improve the milling efficiency.

Used Cement Ball Mill Installation:

SBM is professional ball mill machine manufacturer in China and it can provide the installation tips for the customers:

  1. The used cement ball mill needs to be installed on the horizontal concrete base and it is fixed with land bolt;
  2. When it is installed, it needs to pay attention to the main body of vertical and level;
  3. After installation, it needs to check each part and the host storehouse door;
  4. Configuring the power and control switch depending on the equipment power;
  5. After checking, it needs to have the empty load test. When the test is normal and it can have the production.

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