Ultrafine Mill Maintenance

Ultrafine Mill Maintenance

ultrafine mill maintenance and maintenance specific matters.Although the ultrafine mill is only made of a pile of cold and cold iron products, their service life is limited, especially for the majority of users, if they do not pay attention to their daily use, they will shorten their use. Life expectancy, enter the retirement status in advance. Therefore, in order to extend the service life of the ultrafine mill, the key is maintenance. Below we will summarize some of the specific maintenance and maintenance of ultrafine grinding machine for the majority of users, I hope to help the majority of users.

The operator is the most intimate and influential factor in contact with the ultrafine mill. The standardized operation can ensure the effective and stable production and reduce the damage of the equipment. This requires the staff to undergo strict training before they can be employed. Work, as the saying goes, Bole knows Maxima, and the skilled operator is like Bole, which can make the effect of the ultrafine mill.

Second, the external working environment of the ultrafine mill should pay attention to avoid open-air production. Exposure to the mill will cause different degrees of damage to the mill. If the water enters the machine, the effect will be even worse. Rust grease, found that rust should be treated immediately and rust-preventing measures.

Third, the ultrafine grinding machine accessories should also be maintained and maintained, regularly checked and repaired, and checked out from the outside to the inside. The components of the mill are listed in a list, beware of the omission phenomenon, and find that the worn parts need to be replaced, bolts Loose or missing need to be filled and tightened.

Fourth, the lubrication work of the transmission parts in the ultrafine mill accessories must be in place, the addition of lubricants is not easy or too little, the selection of lubricants in winter and summer should be correct, and the cleaning work of this part must pay attention to Impurities can contaminate the lubricant and affect its lubricating effect. Regularly clean and add new lubricant according to the working strength.

Fifth, the working time of the mill should be well planned, and try to avoid overwork. The overworked operation is not only low in production efficiency, but also a great damage to the machine. It is one of the killers to shorten the service life.

Sixth, the amount of material added in the production process and the humidity of the material should be controlled within the effective range. The material particles and the added amount of the material are large or small, and the wear parts of the grinding roller have certain wear and tear. Direct grinding not only causes clogging, but also rusts internal parts.

Seventh, the implementation of the above links, all need special regulatory departments to implement, the development of a reasonable management and operation system, maintenance and repair methods, follow the plan step by step, found that violations in a timely manner to ensure that the maintenance is done well.

Seven-point maintenance is done, the frequency of ultrafine mill failure will be effectively reduced, and occasional faults can be repaired in time with half the effort. In fact, maintenance is also a kind of maintenance, because the quality of the grinding equipment is not The operation is pleasing, the quality is determined by the manufacturer, and the maintenance is in your own hands. If the two combine the effects, it is ideal. We specialize in the production of various types of ore milling equipment, welcome new and old customers to come to buy.

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