Raymond Mill Operating Factors

Raymond Mill Operating Factors

Lubrication and sealing are two major factors in the stable operation of Raymond mill

Mining machinery and equipment is a kind of equipment that relies on the long-term operation of the motor. The equipment directly collides with the material, and the equipment is easy to generate high temperature. The shutdown inspection becomes a common occurrence and always has a certain impact on production. In this hot summer day, the heating problem of the equipment is more worthy of concern. Pay attention to the reasonable lubrication of the equipment, which can effectively extend the equipment, such as the Raymond mill, and free of repair time. The following is an example of Raymond Mill.

The high temperature of the Raymond mill grinding chamber is a problem that has plagued many manufacturers for many years. As a mining machine, Raymond Mill is characterized by: 1. Large load, 2. Frequent movement, 3, and impact load. The mechanical research found that its performance is: the seal is not good, the oil injection frequency is frequent, and the maintenance is frequent. The grinding chamber is hot. To solve the problem of high temperature in the grinding chamber, the lubrication problem of the Raymond grinding roller should be solved first, and then the sealing problem should be solved. As long as these two problems are solved, the problem of high temperature in the grinding chamber will be solved.

First, to solve the lubrication problem, buying a good lubricant is only the first step to solve the problem. It is important to change the lubrication concept and use the correct lubrication method to know the relationship between mechanical equipment operation and lubrication. There are still many companies across the country that have so far lacked awareness of lubrication. Therefore, in the management of oil, sometimes a factory in Noda has only one person to manage the equipment lubrication part-time, and the personnel have not received professional training. In the fault handling, more reasons are found from the machine, and oil is rarely found, so that it is a common practice for enterprises to stop production and repair parts. In oil testing and monitoring, 80% of industrial and mining enterprises do not have professional personnel and facilities in this area. According to statistics, in the past half century, equipment oil has been consistent for many years.

At present, a large number of mechanical engineering technicians have not formalized the training in lubrication. Technically, to reduce energy consumption, mechanical engineering technicians have tried their best to develop super-strong, super-hard, high-temperature resistant metal and non-metal materials in material properties. Applying various techniques to improve and invent new heat treatment processes, this is a road that people have been fighting for hundreds of years or even thousands of years. People have gone a long way and have reached the point of further efforts. It is. Then there is a smooth and good way to go, that is to work hard on lubrication. By adding a high-performance additive to the lubricating oil or using the lubricating oil as a carrier, various films and coatings are formed in the boundary lubrication friction, which can better solve the problems of low speed, heavy load, and friction pair lubrication. This road solves the bearing wear resistance and other parameters of the friction pair, and the effect can be improved by several tens of times. This road is almost just starting. This is not clear to many mechanical engineering technicians.

Second, lubrication, machinery and sealing are trinity and inseparable. Even the best lubrication conditions, if the seal is not good, everything is empty talk. Imagine that if the lubrication is good, the friction will definitely decrease, the wear will definitely decrease, the load on the equipment will be reduced, and the high temperature problem will be solved. Lubrication is a small problem that can be solved. In fact, many large problems can be avoided. The company hopes that your company will become a master of lubrication and become a model for equipment maintenance, so that Raymond Milling Machine can better serve you.

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