Production of Raymond Mill

Production of Raymond Mill

Factors Affecting the Production of Raymond Mill

Guide: What are the factors affecting the output of Raymond mill? How to increase the production of Raymond Mill? Raymond mill is a three-dimensional structure (compared to ball mills), which has the advantages of small area, strong completeness, uniform powder fineness, and high sieving rate. The factors affecting the production of Raymond mill are mainly the hardness of the material. , The humidity of the material, the particle size of the finished product, the composition of the material, the viscosity of the material and the wearing parts, the operation of the equipment, maintenance and so on. So how to increase the output of Raymond mill?

The following 6 points are methods to increase the output of Raymond mill:

1. Pay attention to the humidity, viscosity, hardness, etc. of the material

The performance of Raymond mill equipment is the main factor that determines the production efficiency, but the different properties of the materials will also affect the output. With reference to the specifications and instructions of the equipment, a better production effect can be achieved by running under the corresponding requirements.

2. Reasonably select the main engine speed and improve the grinding power of the main engine

The grinding force mainly comes from the centrifugal force of the grinding roller, so the rotation speed of the main body of the mill directly affects the magnitude of the grinding force. The low speed of the drive shaft may be one of the reasons for the low output. Insufficient power, too loose transmission belts or severe wear will cause the speed of the drive shaft to be unstable and decelerate.

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3. Reasonably adjust the air pressure and volume of the blower

Due to the huge differences in physical properties and chemical composition of various non-metallic mineral raw materials, minerals with a lower density (such as graphite, gypsum, etc.) need to be compared with minerals with a higher density (such as barite, iron ore, etc.). Adjusted wind pressure and air volume are small. If the wind pressure and air volume are too large, coarse particles will be mixed into the finished product when sieved by the classifier, and unqualified products will appear. If the wind pressure and air volume are too small, the main body will be blocked and the equipment will not operate normally.

4. The rational design of the blade device and the selection of wear-resistant materials for the grinding roller and ring

The blade device of the mill is an important device for directly shovel the material between the grinding roller and the grinding ring. Blades, rollers, rings and other major abrasive wearing parts will seriously affect the rate of powder, so wear-resistant parts with high wear-resistant materials, such as high chromium cast iron. When the blade cannot shovel the material, and the grinding ring and the grinding ring are severely worn, it cannot perform a good grinding effect, resulting in a low powder processing rate.

5. Do a good job of equipment lubrication

The dulling of the teeth will also affect the rotation speed of the main machine of the mill. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the transmission parts such as the teeth and perform lubrication.

6. Dredge the pipes and seal well

The conveying duct of the mill is blocked, which causes the powder to be unable to be transported normally, which will cause the problem of low powder output and no powder. It is necessary to stop the machine to clear the materials in the pipeline, and restart the feeding. Poor sealing of the pipeline will cause increased dust, negative pressure imbalance, and low powder delivery rate. Check the sealed pipeline in place before production.

Reasonable use of equipment and good daily maintenance can greatly extend the life of the Raymond mill and exert excellent performance.

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