Bentonite Milling Equipment

Bentonite Milling Equipment


With wide application, the bentonite needs to be processed into powder to meet the production requirements. Depending on its characteristics, the bentonite ore will be processed with the vertical roller mill. SBM is a famous milling machine manufacturer in China and it can provide you the desired machines in bentonite mining plant.

Bentonite Introduction:

Bentonite is a kind of clay rock and it is also known as montmorillonite clay rock, often contain small amounts of illite and kaolinite, halloysite, chlorite, quartz, feldspar, zeolite, calcite, etc.; Because general for white, pale yellow, iron content changes and the pale grey, light green, pink, brown, red, brick red, colored, etc.; With a waxy, earthy or oily luster; Bentonite from loose such as soil, also some dense hard.

Bentonite Milling Equipment for Sale:

Depending on clients’ production requirements and bentonite characteristics, SBM experts design the bentonite processing line to mine the raw materials with vertical roller mill. According to the test, the vertical roller mill can save 30-45% energy than other mill machine. Its unique design will simplify the beneficiation equipment lay-out: the drying, grinding and separation processes are combined into one unit.

Due to the low noise level, SBM vertical roller mill makes it possible to install in the outdoor. Adding to these benefits, it will substantially reduce civil construction costs and improve the working environment. Because of the high effective drying performance, the SBM vertical roller mill for sale is the best choice for grinding bentonite with one or more wet components.

Bentonite Vertical Roller Mill from China:

As a professional mill machine manufacturer in China, SBM can provide the vertical roller mill, ball mill and other kinds of grinding mill machines for clients. With the hydro-pneumatic system, SBM vertical roller mill press the grinding rollers against the bentonite materials bed on the rotating grinding table. There are two grinding zones in the grooved roller profile: inner and outer grinding zone. It will produce a high and concentrated grinding pressure on the outer path, allowing air to escape into the grooved center. The inner path serves to prepare the grinding bed, by compressing the feed material as it moves under the rollers into the high pressure grinding zone.

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