Vibrating Screen In The Impact Crusher Process

Vibrating Screen In The Impact Crusher Process

The working condition of vibrating screen in the process of impact crusher

In the production process of the impact crusher, since it is impossible to complete the production of materials in one process, the assistance of the screening equipment is required. This article introduces some situations in which the vibrating screen is applied in the impact crushing process.

The production process of impact crusher is a very common processing technology in the construction, mining and other industries. The finished product produced by this process is not only of good quality, but also has a uniform and full grain shape, which can be well applied in the market. The vibrating screen is one of the equipments. The equipment is mainly used to complete the screening operation. The following is a detailed introduction to its production. In the production process of the impact crusher, the required vibrating screen is composed of screen box, supporting equipment, vibration exciter, tire coupling, motor, etc., and dust cover equipment can be added according to requirements to reduce air pollution. It is very helpful because it can prevent the spillage of fine powder contained in the material processed by the crushing equipment, so it is very environmentally friendly.

In the production process, the material is processed by the impact crusher and sent to the vibrating screen for screening. During the screening, because the sieve surface has many fine meshes, smaller particles can be released. In order to reduce the wear and tear on the screening equipment, metal mesh woven from high-quality wear-resistant steel wire, non-metal mesh surface, etc. can be used, and different mesh sizes can be selected according to actual production requirements.

The above describes the composition and working principle of the vibrating screen required in the production process of the impact crusher, and in order to reduce the wear and prolong the service life, the screen surface can be woven with high-quality wear-resistant steel wire, which can reduce maintenance. Cost, at the time of production, depending on the size of the finished product, different sizes of mesh can be selected, which is the general application of the device in the impact crushing production process.

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