Stone Crusher Management in Ethiopia

Stone Crusher Management in Ethiopia


Ethiopia belongs to the underdeveloped country. It has abundant mineral ore materials. How to make full use of these materials will be very helpful for local economic development. To process the mineral ores, the stone crushers are necessary. There are some managements of stone crusher machine.

Mineral Ore Materials in Ethiopia:

Though Ethiopia belongs to the undeveloped country, it has abundant mineral ore resources. The proven mineral deposits have gold ore, platinum, nickel, copper, iron, coal, tantalum, silicon, potassium, phosphate, marble, limestone, oil and gas. It will bring local economic development to process these mineral ores.

Stone Crusher Used To Process Ethiopia Mineral Ores:

To process these materials in Ethiopia, the stone crusher machine is necessary. Processing different kinds of mineral ore materials need different crusher machines. SBM has focused on the production of crusher machine for sale for years and it has produced several kinds of crusher machines to be used in different production line.

The common and widely used stone crusher machine in Ethiopia mineral processing line refers to the primary crusher, secondary crusher and tertiary crusher machines. The stone ore crusher machine includes jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, mobile crusher and tracked mobile crusher machine. The jaw crusher machine is general used as the primary crusher machine and it will be used in coarse crushing line. Used as the secondary crushing machine, the cone crusher and impact crusher machine can break hard and brittle ore materials. Mobile crusher machine and tracked mobile crusher machine are designed to reduce the operation transportation costs.

Stone Crusher Management in Ethiopia:

In the working process of stone crusher machine, it needs to have a good understanding of stone crusher management in Ethiopia production line:

  1. The driver should be familiar with the instruction of the relevant provisions of filling system and be familiar with the structure of the crusher and control equipment, performance, technical characteristics and working principle.
  2. When the crusher machine in operation, it is prohibited from crushing cavity upper towards peer into the machine.
  3. In the operation process, it must not do any adjustment, clean or maintenance works.
  4. During the working stage, it is forbidden to be close to the crusher machine.
  5. For the lubrication part of crusher, it must refuel according to the regulation and operation instruction.

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