River Pebble Crusher

River Pebble Crusher


The problem with the river pebble in the crushing process is that the wear parts are easily worn, because the silicon content in the river pebble is very high. Therefore, the stone plant project with river pebbles as raw materials must be carefully studied for the crushing process. As a manufacturer of crushers, we recommend the use of laminating equipment and multi-stage crushing schemes wherever possible, subject to customer conditions. Multi-stage laminating equipment (mainly smashing and conical crusher) can reduce the wear cost of wear parts, and at the same time reduce the backing after screening and increase the production capacity of the production line.

If the customer's market does not require high grain size for the finished stone, it can be produced using a two-stage smashing scheme. This configuration is a simple solution for maintenance and repair, and the production cost is economical. However, the disadvantage of this scheme is that the grain size of the stone material is relatively poor, and the proportion of the needle-shaped material is high. Stone is not competitive in the market because the building needs a good grain of stone.

River pebbles require good grain size and lower production costs, so we can use a two-stage laminating crusher (smashing, fine smashing/cone crusher) and a counter crusher. Such a configuration can cause the main crushing work to be completed by the head breaking and the second breaking (laminate breaking), and finally the whole type is broken by the counterattack. Such a configuration process can reduce the amount of counter material formed after sieving. If the proportion of the counter material in a production line is too high, the last crusher will add too much repeated crushing work, which in turn will increase the wear of the wear parts. For the stone factory where the river pebbles are used as raw materials, if the process configuration of smashing and smashing is used, the wear rate of the broken wear parts will be very fast, and the production cost will increase a lot. Therefore, we do not recommend the use of such a process configuration as a crusher manufacturer. The specific process configuration needs to be analyzed according to the actual situation on site, and welcome to visit and exchange.

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