Mini Cement Plant Project Report

Mini Cement Plant Project Report

Feasibility study is one of the key link in the work for pre-project. Its task is to the mini cement plant proposed project on technical and economic comprehensive analysis and demonstration, on the basis of many alternatives is, to the policy makers to recommend the most optimal construction scheme, once approved, a feasibility study is the final decision on the project, therefore, feasibility study should be able to complete, accurate, reflecting all aspects of the proposed project in detail.

(1) general remarks. Include: the background of the project put forward (reconstruction project to explain enterprise current situation), the necessity of investment and economic the vigilant righteousness.Was the basis of research work and scope.

(2) the demand forecast and proposed scale. Include: demand sad condition prediction at home and abroad. domestic existing factory production capacity is estimated. sales, price analysis, product competition ability, f test into the prospect of the international market. the size of the planned project report, product solutions and development directions of technical and economic comparison and analysis.

(3) resources, raw materials, fuel, and public facilities. Including; after a formal review or approval of resource storage conditions, grade, composition, and mining, use most raw materials, auxiliary materials, fuel, the type, quantity, to x and supply possibility. the number of utilities required way, supply and supply conditions.

(4) the mini cement plant factory conditions and site plan. Include: factory of geography, meteorology, hydrology, geology, terrain conditions and social economic status quo traffic, transportation, and the status quo and development trend of water, electricity, gas.ddress of the comparison and selection.

(5) design. Includes the top goal refers to the range which includes the main single items of projects), the source of technology and production methods, the main technical process and equipment selection scheme comparison. Imported technology;Equipment source of nationality, or cooperate with foreign manufacturing at home and abroad.Reconstruction project to explain the original fixed asset utilization.plant layout scheme of preliminary selection and construction estimate of quantities.

(6) public auxiliary facilities inside and outside the plant and the comparison of transportation and the primary choice.

(7) environmental protection.Survey environment present situation.Forecast project’s impact on the environment, environmental protection and three wastes treatment of preliminary scheme.

(8) enterprise organization, labor capacity estimation and personnel training.

(9) to implement the progress of the proposal.

(10) investment estimation and financing.Include: the principal part of the project and coordination needed for the project the production of cash flow estimation capital source, financing way and loan and economic effect evaluation.

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