Installing A Stone Crusher In Himachal

Installing a Stone Crusher in Himachal


Stone crusher machines play great role in India mining industry. To process the different kinds of materials and mineral ores, SBM has produced various kinds of stone crusher machines for local customer. It is necessary to know the maintenance and installation common sense of stone crusher machine.

Rock Stone Crusher Machines Used In India:

It is well known to all that India has rich mineral ore materials and the mining processing industry develops rapidly in this country. With iron ore, coal, gold ore and limestone, it will need different kinds of rock stone crusher machines. To reach this production goal, SBM designs and produces the following rock stone crusher machines used in India: iron ore jaw crusher, iron ore impact crusher, gold ore jaw crusher, gold ore cone crusher, limestone jaw crusher, coal grinding mill and so on.

Installing a Stone Jaw Crusher in Himachal:

India clients always buy the stone crusher machines from SBM and it also provides the related installation knowledge for local customer. In India Himachal, there is a client who wants to install a stone jaw crusher machine. Here is the advice for clients:

  • The jaw crusher machine is assembled by the manufacturer. When client has received this jaw crusher machine, it needs to have a carful check and to avoid the problems produced in the transportation line.
  • This machine needs to install on the concrete base. To avoid the vibrating, noise and the impact on the local buildings, it needs to put the wood plate or other materials between the jaw crusher machine and concrete base.
  • The basic discharging chute needs a metal plate and it needs inclining angle (no less than 50°). This will guarantee the successful discharging.
  • It needs to adjust the discharging size depending on the desired products size.

Stone Crusher Maintenance Common Sense:

After installing the stone crusher machine in the mining site, it needs pay attention to the maintenance details. As a mining processing customer, it is necessary to have the common sense of stone crusher maintenance. It needs to clean the lubrication system and have the lubrication to this machine in a fixed time period. In the production line, you need pay attention to the feeding size of the materials.

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