Impact Crusher Production Equipment

Impact Crusher Production Equipment

Now people's requirements are getting higher and higher, and they have put forward their own requirements one by one for the use of production equipment. This requires more attention when using machines such as impact crushers, in order to make the machine more satisfying. . As a new generation of crushing machinery, the impact crusher is impeccable in terms of performance, but even so, it has been questioned by many people, making its position in society threatened. For those who question the machine's ability, it is better to study the crushing equipment seriously, so that its performance is further improved.

For the user, when using the machine, you should know some of its precautions in advance so that the impact crusher can be operated better. For example, before starting, you should do the relevant preparations so that it can have a good state. Then, check whether the funnel of the impact crusher is blocked, whether the ore is biased to one side; check the load, temperature rise, and sound condition of the motor; also check whether there is a frictional appearance in the voided part, etc.

For some parts, it is also necessary to pay attention to, for example, whether the mutual cooperation position between the thrust plate and the supporting pad is normal, whether it is inclined or serially shifted; the temperature of each part of the bearing should not exceed 50-60 degrees. Whether the oil pump, oil ring, etc. are operating normally, and whether the oil pipe is blocked or not, etc., should also be noted, including checking whether its test operation is normal.

Of course, in order to work better with the impact crusher, the operator should also check whether the screw fastening of each part is reasonable and effective, and check whether the spring tension is normal. When his lining is worn, it must be replaced in time to avoid wearing the casing; when the hammer wear reaches the limit mark, it should be used or replaced in time. After the hammer replacement or assembly, the rotor must be balanced; when the impact crusher When the amount of vibration suddenly increases, stop immediately and find out the cause.

For the good production of the machine, after each production, the employee should clear the warehouse in time to remove the broken residue or the unbroken material in the crushing chamber to ensure the smooth production of the next production; also check the fixed impact crusher regularly. Is the screw loose? If it is loose, it should be reinforced in time to prevent the loss or accident caused by excessive vibration in the production; as the wearing parts of the machine, the employee should regularly check the loss of the hammer and the lining of the impact crusher, and reverse the hammer face in time. Or replace the new hammer head to ensure efficient operation of the impact crusher and reduce wear of other components. Such sufficient preparation can make the impact crusher work better.

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