Engineering Crushing Machinery and Equipment

Engineering Crushing Machinery and Equipment

What types of engineering crushing machinery and equipment

Stone crushing machinery can be divided into fixed and mobile. Among them, there are many types of fixed crushing machines, which are more traditional crushing machines. Mobile crushing machines are new types of machines. Very convenient, but not all fixed lithotripsy machines have a corresponding mobile type, the following will introduce the commonly used fixed lithotripters first.

According to the degree of crushing, coarse crushing equipment, medium crushing equipment, and fine crushing equipment are listed below.

Coarse crushing equipment: Coarse crushing equipment is also called head crushing equipment. A jaw crusher is commonly used. Its feed port is large and can handle stones of about 1000 mm. Most of the stones used in the crushing plant in the project are The shape is not small, so its figure often appears in gravel projects.

Medium crushing equipment: Commonly used medium crushing equipment includes impact crusher and cone crusher, also known as secondary crushing equipment. Although they are also medium crushing equipment, they have their own areas of expertise, such as impact crusher. It is more suitable for processing medium soft stones, while the cone crusher is not a problem for processing high hardness stones.

Stone Crusher

Grade II lithotripsy equipment, often combined with head crushing equipment

Fine crushing equipment: Fine crushing equipment is also called sand making equipment. Commonly used are sand making machines, fine crushers, composite stone crushers, and roll crushers. Among them, sand crushers and roll crushers are commonly used to treat harder stones. The output of the crusher is high, which can reach five to six hundred tons per hour, while the output of the roll crusher is low, which is suitable for use in small stone factories; while the fine crusher and composite crusher are suitable for processing softer materials. The output is higher, while the output of the composite crusher is lower, but its sand formation rate is very high.

One-time molding equipment: There are exceptions to everything. One-time molding equipment is a device that can process larger stones into tens of millimeters of aggregate at one time. This equipment is a hammer crusher and can be divided into two series, one is heavy Hammer crusher is a kind of hammer crusher, in which the hammer crusher can make sand if the discharge outlet is adjusted to a certain extent.

Mobile crushing machinery: Most fixed crushing machinery can be mounted on mobile racks to form mobile crushing machinery, such as jaw crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers, sand making machines , Fine stone crusher, etc., can be composed of mobile jaw crusher, mobile impact crusher, mobile cone crusher, mobile sand making machine, mobile fine crusher, etc., but there are also no fixed mobile crusher , Such as compound crusher and roller crusher.

Production of engineering crushing machinery and equipment

Different stone factories have different scales, and the daily output is different, and the corresponding equipment models are different. Each type of crushing machine has multiple models to meet the output needs of different users. In addition, with the development of technology, various types of crushing machinery have also been upgraded accordingly, and a variety of series have appeared.

Therefore, the output of general engineering crushing machinery can meet the needs of users, and the corresponding model can be selected for what output. If it is not clear, you can consult online customer service.

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