Cost of Crushing Equipment Sold

Cost of Crushing Equipment Sold

Crushing production line process

First, coarse stone crusher (coarse jaw crusher) preliminary crushing, and then produced into the coarse material transported by belt conveyor to the crushing machine (crushing jaw crusher) or crusher for further crushing, fine After the break the stones into the vibrating sieve out three stones, gravel, and then return to super-size stones crusher into thin crusher again, the final output to meet the requirements of all kinds of stone.

Introduction crushing production line performance

The production line of high automation, low operating costs, high crushing ratio, energy saving, large output, less pollution, easy maintenance, production of sand mechanisms in line with national standards for construction sand, uniform size, grain shape is good, with reasonable level.

Cement crusher works

Raw materials by feeding equipment (such as belt conveyor, plate feeding machine) after feeding the crusher feed opening, into the crushing chamber, the material hit by a V-belt-driven high-speed rotation of the rotor, the hammer head is hit, bulk materials crushed immediately scrap the high-speed flying on the back plate, a second collision crushed material and the subsequent rebound in mutual flying material impact crusher; material in the first chamber into the second chamber repeated crushing crushing, the final discharge Grate filter friction crusher, meet the requirements of the material discharged from the grate seam, coarser material back into the first chamber re-broken. Because of the crushing cavity dense layer of suspended material, the subsequent material into the crusher as bullets shooting as injections dense material layer crushing cavity just as "hail of bullets" "Bullets" material between each other to produce high-speed crash cleavage crushing, fine particles produced after crushing and dramatic "twist" "grinding" and produce large amounts of powder, fine powder passing through the grate last stitch unloading.


Our local stone market is good, so it is valued stability of equipment operation. Wear parts good quality of the company's equipment and maintenance operations are convenient, there is basically no need to send technicians to the company, we follow the operating manual to complete on their own. Production also fully meet expectations, the profit situation is good, there are several nearby counterparts visited here after I have ordered the company's equipment.

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