Bentonite Mining Equipment Sales

Bentonite Mining Equipment Sales


For the special characteristics and wide market, the bentonite mining equipment will be used to process raw materials into desired size. With crusher machine, grinding mill and packaging machine, SBM can help clients get packaged bentonite powder materials.

Bentonite Development Prospect:

Bentonite clay mineral distribution is relatively concentrated. The concentrated bentonite origin ore will save a lot of costs for the processing enterprises. It will benefit the bentonite production to form economies of scale, intensive development and intensification. Bentonite has been widely used in metallurgy, steel, feeding, cosmetics, and paper making, medicine, and chemical, petroleum industries for related products raw materials or additives.

Mining Production Line of Bentonite:

For the hardness of bentonite is 1-2, it belongs to the soft non-metal ore materials. It can have the primary crushing. It can use the natural or heating dry to remove moisture (water content of 12% to 6%or less) to prevent the bentonite performance change effected by the montmorillonite structure change. The drying temperature should be lower than 250 ℃, and the time is too long.

To meet the paper making, plastic and rubber products demands, it has higher bentonite fineness requirements for the processing operators. The bentonite grinding mill generally adopts the Euro grinding mill, trapezium mill and vertical mill for grinding processing line. After packaging, the bentonite powder materials will be taken to the market.

The general bentonite production line includes five steps: the bentonite raw materials extraction, bentonite crushing stage, drying process of bentonite, bentonite grinding step and packaging of bentonite. The specific machines are selected depending on this production line.

Recommend Machines Used In Bentonite Mining Plant:

In bentonite production line, the main working machine is the grinding mill; SBM, the professional supplier, has recommended the following grinding machines as the bentonite milling equipment sales:

MTW milling machine: this grinding mill from SBM absorbs Euro advanced grinding idea and it is produced with international technology. It owns several independent patent technology property rights.

LM vertical roller mill: with the reasonable design, this mill combined the drying, grinding, selection and elevation into one working unit. In the large scale grinding line, it can meet clients’ production requirements.

MTM Trapezium Grinder: this machine combines crushing, grinding, classifying and conveying into a unit. It has high grinding efficient and low energy consumption.

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