Bentonite Mine Crusher in India

Bentonite Mine Crusher in India


Bentonite belongs to the soft materials and it is easily to be found in India. With wide application, it needs the efficient crusher machine to break the large size raw materials into smaller size with high capacity. SBM’s HJ98 jaw crusher machine is suitable for bentonite mine processing.

Bentonite Application and Hardness:

Bentonite is a kind of clay which is mainly composed with the montmorillonite. For the special characteristics, the bentonite has swelling, cohesiveness, adsorption, catalysis, thixotropy and suspension and cation exchange. It is widely used in various industrial fields. Its hardness is 1-2 and its density is 2-3 g/cm3.

Crusher Machine Used In India Bentonite Mining Plant:

Bentonite has wide application and it is used in different industrial sectors. India has abundant bentonite. It is common to find that the crusher machine used in India bentonite mining plant is jaw crusher machine. SBM is a crusher machine supplier from China and it has sold lots of mineral ore crusher machines for India. If you want to supply the bentonite in India, the expert suggests that the jaw crusher machine is suitable.

Depending on the bentonite characteristics, HJ98 series jaw crusher machine is the most suitable one. It can process the bentonite with capacity 110-350tph. With the max feeding size less than 560mm, this jaw crusher machine has adjustable discharging size. Its final products size can be adjusted between 75-175mm. When you choose the jaw crusher, you can send SBM your specific production requirements and the experts will design the specific crusher machine for your mining plant.

Bentonite Jaw Crusher Application Advantages:

  • High reliability: the moving jaw body and frame are solid. The steel plate, high manganese steel of moving jaw, plate, high eccentric and the large bearings make this jaw crusher machine durable and reliable.
  • Faster adjustable discharging port: the jaw crusher machine discharging port is flexible. It can meet different crushing processes requirements. There is no need to add the gasket and it can be realized by the mechanical adjustment.
  • Economical crushing: the sophisticated design and adjustable discharging port can guarantee the best economic performance and low operation costs.

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