Basalt Rock Crusher Machine

Basalt Rock Crusher Machine


Basalt rock can be used in building railway, roads, airfield runway industry. It has hard hardness, strong pressure resistance; crush value is low, strong corrosion resistance. To process the basalt, the cone crusher machine from SBM meets the crushing requirements.

Basalt Rock Crusher Machine:

To choose the crusher machine is decided by the processed materials’ characteristics. The basalt rock is wear-resisting, poor conductive performance, strong resistance to pressure, low crushing value, and strong corrosion resistance. It’s recognized by international and it is the best stone to develop the railway transportation and road transportation.

For these characteristics, the crusher machine used to process basalt rock will be cone crusher machine. There are several kinds of cone crusher machines from SBM and the HPC220 cone crusher machine is suitable. This crusher machine can process materials with 150-300tph capacity.

Basalt HPC220 Cone Crusher Machine Crushing Ways:

The HPC220 cone crusher machine is designed with two kinds of crushing ways: the coarse crushing and fine crushing. These two kinds of ways are different with the chamber style. It can be used to meet clients’ different production requirements.

In coarse crushing line, the HPC220 cone crusher machine will process the basalt materials from 210mm to 19mm with capacity 185-300tph. In the fine crushing line, the HPC220 cone crusher machine can process the materials from 105mm to 13mm with the capacity 150-210tph. Both of these two kinds of HPC220 cone crusher machine have 1220mm movable cone diameter with 220kw power. You can choose either of them depending on your specific crushing needs.

Advancement of Basalt HPC Cone Crusher:

In the actual basalt crushing line, the HPC cone crusher machine has its own advancement for clients:

  1. The HPC cone crusher machine is based on the traditional cone crusher machine. Its hydraulic cylinder replaces the spring to provide the overload protection. At the same time, it can provide the cleaning cavity function. Its overload protection system is flexible.
  2. The main shaft is changed into stationary from floating.
  3. Large loading capacity and compact structure.
  4. Layer compression crushing and the product is cube.
  5. High crushing efficiency.
  6. Discharging port is changed into hydraulic motor and it is continuous stable.

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