Copper Mining Equipment

Copper Mining Equipment


Copper ore mining equipment is designed on the characteristics of copper ore. The general copper mining equipment refers to the impact crusher machine. SBM can provide the various kinds of impact crusher machines with different models to meet different clients’ production requirements.

Copper Ore Development and Utilization:

Copper ore is mined from the copper ore mountain. Through crushing and beneficiation process, you can get the high grade copper ore concentrate. Copper ore includes: pyrite, chalcopyrite, bornite, chalcocite, blue copper and malachite. It is mainly used in metallurgical industry as the raw material of metallurgical industry. Its hardness is 3-4 and it belongs to the fragile material. The relative density is 4.1-4.3.

Copper Ore Mining Equipment for Sale:

Depending on customers’ production requirements, SBM experts have designed a whole copper ore mining production line for sale to meet the specific production requirements. According to the characteristics of copper ore, the copper ore mining plant equipment includes the vibrating feeder, copper ore crusher machine and auxiliary equipment.

From the flowchart of copper ore processing line, we can find that the copper ore mining plant starts with the feeding machine. Then the impact crusher machine will break the feeding copper ore into smaller size. After crushing, the copper ore materials will in smaller particles. It also needs the beneficiation machine to get crushed copper ore into high grade ones.

60-120tph PF Impact Crusher Machine:

In copper ore processing line, the impact crusher machine is widely used. This crusher machine is suitable for fragile materials crushing line. Copper ore belongs to the fragile materials. There are two main kinds of impact crusher machine: PF series impact crusher machine and PFW impact crusher machine. Here will introduce the PF series impact crusher machine.

PF impact crusher machine is divided into four models for the different rotor size. From the specific processing line, this impact crusher machine will process the materials less than 350mm. Among of them, the PF1210 impact crusher machine is widely used for its capacity is 60-120tph which can meet most clients’ production requirements. Of course, there are other crushing capacity model impact crusher machines for sale: 50-80tph, 80-160tph and 120-260tph.

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